Friday, April 26, 2013

something new / something old

During the month of April, nine of my paintings are being displayed at the Doris in downtown Gainesville, Fl.  They will be up for a few more days.

As a very visual person, the whole space matters to me.  Not just random paintings put on a wall, but the color of the wall, the space available, the artpieces that I want to show, and the wordage to accompany the paintings.  This matters to me.  It is more of a challenge when the space is small and limited, and the space also houses office equipment.  Not the ideal situation for displaying works of art, better for a few pieces or only one, and since it is in an office area...graphic art would be better....but you work with what you're given.

That being said...rather than selecting random pieces of artwork, I displayed a series so that the space would be larger rather than chopped up with isolated and unrelated paintings.  I was trying to occupy what space I had available and make an impact on the space.  I don't think that I was successful in doing that, but I learned from the experience, and next time, I will do more to make my paintings stand out in the space that they are given. 

I have a few new paintings and a few older pieces that I displayed.  The paintings were all related in subject matter...the springs of North Central Florida, as you can view below:

above something new

something revisited and reworked

something old and treasured

Hope that you enjoy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Millhopper Library

Currently throughout the month of August, September and thru mid-October, I am showing a few of my recent paintings at the branch library, Millhopper.  I've been painting older cars and a few motorcycles for the past few months.  I can't really put a finger on why I started painting them.  But, has been a blast.  I've discovered that I really like to paint rust.  I enjoy the colors that decaying metal produces!  Here in Florida, it is a challenge to find rusted vehicles, but, hey, every once in awhile I'll find a few. 

We recently returned from a vacation to Ohio and Iowa.  Visiting family and friends.  What a great trip!  In Iowa, I was so excited to find an old rusted (from top to bottom) vehicle sitting in the grass.  What a beauty!
Even has bullet holes in the windshield.  I am so stoked!  I started a painting of the rear view of the vehicle.  Hoping that I can do it justice.  It just has so much personality.  I've been playing with the title of the piece.  It reminds me of an old gangster car that would have been around during Prohibition days.  The painting will probably take me another weekend or two to complete, but I really am in no rush to complete it.  Just thoroughly enjoying the process. 

The paintings that I have hanging at Millhopper Library...I've titled "Cruising with the Oldies".  I have them posted on my newest, latest blog.  Yep, I created a new blog, but beats me how to link the two blogs, and how to make the new blog my primary blog.  I am SO computer challenged!!!!

With that being said.... the following images are of the paintings currently on view at the library...hope you enjoy....they have been so much fun to paint

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Following the Trail

Good day to you all, this rainy, beautiful Sunday. This past week has been a tough one. A blow, a disappointment, a loss, and unexpected turn in the trail that I was following. The trail did not lead where I thought it was suppose to go, but ended in a deadend. Or I could put it another way, I was in the midst of a horserace, and found myself thrown off and unseated. The horse and I had to walk off the track with heads down. The disappointment arrived, and I was thrown for a momentarily "now what do I do". I could wallow, I could get angry, I could get defensive or I could allow God to teach me through this. The temptation is to justify oneself, and blame others, I don't want to do that nor can I justify doing that. I would rather...use this as an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to re-evaluate the path I was so earnestly pursuing. I was spending every weekend and a few nights a week towards this project. And suddenly, it's over...all the time and effort for naught or not. I had applied, sent in examples of my work, attained a tax id number, created a display stand, worked so hard, all the painting that I was doing was directed towards this juried art festival, and I received a letter, a standard letter saying bottom line, you've been rejected. Woe, that hurt. I didn't expect that. All the grinding work and all the painting towards this goal suddenly came to a slam stop. Now what? I hadn't prepared for this scenario. Now what? There's no deadline coming. There's no need to buy frames. There's no need to continue. Now what? It caught me off guard, and I was dehorsed and sitting there for a couple of days. Thinking, now what? I had a painting on the easel incomplete, another one that also needed attention. Canvases ready to paint my layouts and start working on them. They glared at me. What are you going to do now? Now what? I faced my shattered dream, swept it up and threw it away, and faced the unfinished painting, and started painting again, completed it. Had a good long talk with God, and started walking down that general trail once again. Can't quit, can't give up, I just have to put one foot in front of the other and keep painting, keep moving. I think in terms of trails when I think of my life. Sometimes, you have someone walk with you along the trail who has been on that trail for a long time and is very encouraging, sometimes, you are all by yourself, and sometimes you pick the wrong trail and it deadends. Nothing else to do, but turn around retrace your steps and get back to the main trail. Here I am, back on the main trail again. A few months ago, I started painting views of the trails located in Clifton Gorge, OH. One of my favorite places to hike. We are visiting Ohio this August, and I definitely want to revisit Clifton Gorge. I'm sure that was the motive for the paintings. The fond memories that I have of the terrain. Below are the three paintings: My weekend is almost over, Monday is fast approaching, and life continues. I am back on the trail, working on my paintings, cleaning the house, and soon making dinner. I am hopeful...tomorrow holds a better day, and as I continue to walk the trail, I'll find the right one for me. God bless you all.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Shed

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I've posted. Not that I haven't been painting, but too much going on.... I've been painting a series of works that I intend to unveil so to speak at an artfair in the fall. I didn't realize how much effort was involved to have a body of paintings for sale purposes. I'm a weekend painter as I work full time, and weekends are my only time for painting. So...I've been busy...preparing. In the midst of working towards that goal, I've revisited a few of my paintings that I am less than happy with. I used to cover up failures with gesso; now, I think, create sketches and problem solve to recreate and salvage the paintings. I currently have two paintings in transition...I think they are salvageable. Below is a painting that sat in the closet hiding, not sure if I was going to gesso over it, but I thought, more of a challenge to try to save it. There were elements about the painting that I below are the before and after pictures... I think that the painting turned out nicely! I am happy with it anyway. Closing for now, may God bless you!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7th through April 8th, 2012

GOOD FRIDAY, April 7, 2012

Over 2000 years ago, the ultimate sacrifice was made on behalf of all mankind. Redeeming us from sin and the effects of our sinful lives once and for all through the Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Through accepting His death on our behalf, mankind received atonement.

Easter, April 8, 2012

Ressurection! Jesus the Messiah died a bloody, cruel and torturous death. He had the authority through Almighty God to lay His life down and He did that through obedience to God for our sakes. He had the authority to take His life back from death and He did that, the glorious third day after He breathed His last breath.


Learn about Jesus, who He is, and you will find life.

Forty-one years ago, I did that. I yielded myself and asked God to forgive me, asked God through Jesus the Messiah to come into my life and I have been forever changed. My love for Him grows and grows and grows. I did not know what life was until I asked the One who overcame death to live in me.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boulware Springs Water Works Building, Gainesville, FL

Located on a sign near the building it reads:

Boulware Springs a free-flowing and gravity-fed spring, was at one time estimated to contribute 300,000 gallons per day to Boulware Run, which flows south to Paynes Prairie and to the Florida aquifer.

This is what I called the springhouse, bright, sunny and interesting to look at and paint with rolling hills and picnic areas and the entrance to a bike trail.

"Springhouse" 16" x 26" acrylic on canvas $350

I painted a secondary view of the structure from the back of the building

"Eye on Fence" 14" x 11" acrylic on canvas

I was drawn to the fence following the curves of the hill and how it led towards the building. This painting may undergo a change.

First attempts at painting buildings as the subject of a painting. They are a challenge to paint.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty colors

I love the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. On a foggy day, rather spooky, that Spanish moss goes everywhere and on anything. I think that if I stood still long enough, I'd have it hanging from me. This little painting is a paint over. Some of the colors from my previous attempt, I kept; whether, it will stay that way is yet to be seen. But, I do love the colors!

No title as of yet. I took photos of the Springhouse here in Gainesville, and the surrounding area. This is from a photo looking up a hill at a picnic area. It was a beautiful day, and I took lots of photos. Currently, I am working on a large (for me) painting of the Springhouse. There are areas that I am pleased with and some that I'm not, but that's normal.

I stayed home from work today as I was not feeling well. Painting helps to take the attention off of a ailing body. It puts you into another place, and you are so focused on what you are doing that you don't notice the aches and pains. Fortunately or unfortunately, I love to paint people. I think most people enjoy viewing a landscape, and I enjoy painting them, but not as much as I enjoy painting people. What are you going to do? Why paint if no passion?

"Three Friends"

Walking along the a trail at Payne's Prairie, I saw these three young women walking and talking; took their picture and viola! So many beautiful days in, but beautiful!